Our School is

In essence Montessori means meeting the needs of your child.
All of the senses are part of the learning process using hands- on- materials. 
The multi-age grouping of students encourages social interaction where, like a family, everyone helps everyone else to learn.  All the material is available for the whole age group; encouraging students to move ahead quickly. The learning process and material leaves no gaps in the learning process.

Montessori education fosters independence by allowing students to do for themselves. Children learn to be responsible for their own learning and well -being. The Montessori environment fosters respect for the child from the teacher and from his classmates. 


Evergreen Christian Montessori is not part of any church or denomination. We have no formal catechism class.
Theologically we share the belief that our lives need to be transformed by our relationship to Jesus. Our spiritual work is at the heart of our lives making our lives dynamic and outwardly oriented, first to God, then to others. The ultimately successful Christian life brings great happiness, not only to ourself but to others.

What are our Christian practices at Evergreen Christian Montessori?
We open each day taking a few minutes to focus on God, share a scripture and prayer requests, pray for our Moms and Dads, and other needs we have. Once a week we tell a Bible story, and talk about the positive character traits from our stories. We emphasize the virtues of being brave like David, wise like Solomon, faithful like Daniel, etc. We also share the wonderful good news that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives. Hands-on- bible lessons are a part of the academic materials available in the classroom.