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Language Exercises

In the Montessori classroom reading and writing becomes spontaneous! Children are provided with sensorial exercises to strengthen their small muscles for writing while the classroom is stocked with the tools necessary to create the written word. In addition, the environment is rich with books and materials to prepare the child for reading. Phonetic materials assist the child in sounding out and building words that he or she will later read with ease and enjoyment. 



Children have the opportunity to joyfully use and assimilate many facts and skills of arithmetic. An early enthusiasm for the world of numbers is demonstrated by children as young as three. A child in the Montessori classroom never sits down to memorize mere facts, they gain an understanding of mathematical operations through the use of beads, rods, spindles, and cards. 



Science is introduced through the observation of plants and animals and by involving the children in simple science experiments. Montessori science packets are used to teach the child to identify and classify parts of their natural environment. A large yard provides ample opportunity for gardening, observing animals, and the changes nature provides.


Geography, History and Social Studies

The children begin their study of geography by floating miniature boats on scale models of land-and-water forms. They then progress to simplified color-coded maps and globes. Time lines and pictures are used to develop concepts of time and history. Stories and books encourage lively group discussions.


Group activities and Art

Although the Montessori classroom focuses in on individual learning, children are given opportunity to develop social skills. Music, dancing, and group games are enjoyable activities along with the time to play outdoors with their peers. Children also demonstrate pleasure in painting, working with clay, or creating their own personal “works of art”.

Bible Practices

We open each day with all the children gathering for devotion lasting 10 minutes. We pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and American flag, sing several songs, share a scripture and prayer requests, and pray for our Moms and Dads and the other needs of our lives. We also tell Bible stories, and then share positive character traits  from our stories. We emphasize the virtue of being brave like David, wise like Solomon, or faithful like Daniel, etc. We also share the wonderful news that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives.

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